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handheld spectroscopy applications


Whether you are a newcomer or established power-user, look no further than Spectre® for the next generation of color measurement built for IoT to integrate
and scale with ease. 

AGR's® approach lies at the cutting edge of innovation, but the spectroscopy industry and its applications are tried and true.  Our hardware platform is ready to use with standard third-party analytics, but end-to-end industry solutions are in the works.  Contact us if you wish to accelerate that process for your particular application!


We started AGR® with the goal of assisting growers and agronomists in the early detection of crop afflictions to facilitate targeted application of pesticides and fertilizers.  Pushing the industry away from "spray-and-pray" strategies saves growers time and money while helping to produce a more sustainable product.  Learn more below!

AGR® is currently looking to partner with organizations that can help
build spectral and imaging models for affliction detection with
high value crops such as grapes and cannabis. 

Contact us to learn more about co-development opportunities.

Ready to use the power of Spectre®?
Reserve yours today.

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