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Scale-up and sales are on the horizon, so join us on the ground floor by accelerating the transition from prototype to product.

In the meantime, business competitions, grants and partnerships have provided ample pre-seed resources for AGR® to operate in Rochester's NextCorps Incubator through the completion of foundational technical and business development. 



"An elite group of the most innovative and promising ventures in the country"

NSF I-Corps:

Site Accelerator Grant

National Science Foundation I-Corps
VentureWell e-team eteam openminds

VentureWell E-TeamAccelerator and Grants (All Stages)

OPENminds Showcase: Prize for Exemplary Entrepreneurial Values

Qualcomm Award: Prize and Mentoring for IP Portfolio Growth

Goldstein Innovation Grant: Inaugural Recipient

University of Rochester Institute of Optics Goldstein Innovation Grant

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