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A versatile solution built for IoT to integrate and scale with your needs.

A handheld analytics solution like no other. The Spectre® smart spectrometer is powered by patent-pending optics designed around the industry's leading sensor technologies.  Cutting-edge hardware may be complex, but we have done the hard work for you: AGR's® simple yet versatile user interface intuitively integrates into current processes via familiar interfaces like phones, tablets and laptops with the seamless mobile capabilities of the internet of things (IoT).  At a projected price point that falls at or below the current generation of basic benchtop units, the choice is clear.

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By taking it for a spin


Saving you time, money and headaches




Acquire Target

Take Scan

Save & Analyze

Take Spectre® off the bench and directly to your sample. 

Then, line up the perfect shot with our live spectrum and proprietary viewfinder, just like taking a picture with your smartphone.

You pull the trigger,

we do the rest.

Work with results directly on your paired device, or export them in a standard format for third-party analysis.  Soon, you will also be able to share and back up data to the cloud.


Turning our innovation into your advantage


AGR Spectre handheld spectrometer

→ Avoid tedious set-up with Spectre's® plug-and-play features.​

→ Cover more ground utilizing Spectre's® light-weight, durable, compact design.

→ Stop wasting time waiting for scans and sharing data by live streaming results to multiple devices.


AGR Spectre handheld spectrometer

→ Untether by interfacing to any compatible device, from mobile phones to laptops and desktops

→ Take scans with you on mobile devices and access them anywhere from your secure cloud.

→ Use Spectre® both on and off Wi-Fi with seamless transitions.


AGR Spectre handheld spectrometer

→ Never again worry about reach using AGR's® patent-pending optics and interchangeable lenses to scan samples at any distance.

→ Eliminate concern for over and under sampling by identifying your target through AGR's® proprietary viewfinder.

→ Avoid invisible, damaging cross contamination by remaining non-contact on every scan.


Built by the best, for the best

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Designed by engineers from the University of Rochester and its renowned Institute of Optics, Spectre's® quality and innovation shine from the focal point of America's optical industry in Rochester, NY.  As a start-up, AGR® can bring you the most value by partnering with industry leaders in crucial areas.  That is why our spectral sensing capabilities are powered by Hamamatsu Photonics, the world leader in precision optical detection.  AGR's™ patent-pending platform, built upon Hamamatsu's six decades of sector leadership, is here to transform the way you measure color for good.

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