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AGR® is 100% founder owned, U.S. federally backed and looking for investment partners to grow.



"An elite group of the most innovative and promising ventures in the country" (Top 10% U.S. Deep-Tech Startups)

NSF I-Corps:

Site Accelerator Grant

National Science Foundation I-Corps

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Accelerator and Grant:

Design for Manufacturing Process and Partnerships

VentureWell e-team eteam openminds

VentureWell E-TeamAccelerator and Grants (All Stages)

OPENminds Showcase: Prize for Exemplary Entrepreneurial Values

Qualcomm Award: Prize and Mentoring for IP Portfolio Growth

Goldstein Innovation Grant: Inaugural Recipient

University of Rochester Institute of Optics Goldstein Innovation Grant


Duncan Moore, PhD

Clinton White House OSTP - Associate Director of Technology
NASA James Webb Space Telescope - Chair of Product Integrity Team

Gradient Lens Corporation - Founder

University of Rochester - Kingslake Professor of Optics & Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship

Richard Handler

Jefferies Financial Group - CEO

University of Rochester - Chairman of the Board of Trustees 

Julian Goldstein

Navitar - Frm. CEO (Exit)

Stealth Optics Startup - Founder

Maureen Ballatori 

Agency 29 - Founder & CEO

Port 100 & Metro Collective - Co-Founder

David D'Angelo

Previ - Growth

VentureWell E-Team Accelerator - Frm. Director & Mentor

Jenifer Bunis

Westlake Photonics - Founder & Business Consultant

Synrad - Frm. Executive Vice President

Craig McGowan

Rochester Institute of Technology - Adjunct Professor & NSF I-Corps Accelerator Coach

Kodak - Frm. Global PM

Greg Schmidt, PhD

University of Rochester - Assistant Professor of Optics

Kathleen Driscoll

Ain Center for Entrepreneurship - Associate Director

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