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Laser Focus World Inaugural Under – 40 “Rising Star”

Francis Pellegrino, CEO, named as a leader who is poised to shape the future of optics. (Article)


Hajim School of Engineering Interview (Top CEO Pick)

Learn the story of AGR's™ Co-Founder and CEO, who has been recognized by the University of Rochester as "a fantastic person who will change the world". (Article)

Barbara J. Burger iZone Interview (Top Team Pick)

Francis, Heri and Andrew sit down to share history and vision talk-show style with the University of Rochester's "In the Zone". (Video)

VentureWell OPENminds Conference Presenter and Panelist

Featured as one of the county's top hard-tech startups, AGR™ won recognition for its culture of exemplary entrepreneurial values. (Press Release)

VentureWell Innovator Interview

AGR's™ recent progress has been featured by VentureWell in a spotlight series following the success of accelerator alumni. (Article)

National Academy of Inventors Annual Conference Presenter

AGR™ represented innovation in optical technology as one of four teams selected to present at the NAI's Annual Conference . (NAI Info, Presentation Live – Only)

Ain Center for Entrepreneurship Interview

Hear AGR's™ insights on how to jumpstart and grow student-led ventures as a part of the University of Rochester's entrepreneurship education series. (Video)


ISCC Inaugural Student Talk Series Presenter

AGR™ had the opportunity to share its innovations in portable spectroscopy to a group of color specialists from across the globe, ranging from artists to engineers. (ISCC Info, Video is Members – Only)

Institute of Optics Industrial Associates Presentation

AGR™ demonstrated its proprietary technical innovation to representatives of leading optics companies at the annual IA conference. (IA Info, Presentation Live – Only)

OPT 144 Engineering Design Guest Lectures

Invited annually to guide students on transitioning inventions to commercial products, particularly in the University setting.

Grand Challenges Scholars Interview

Upcoming spotlight on AGR™ CEO's decade-long journey to quantify and improve crop production strategies using optical technology.

To-be-Published Next Month (Article)

Undergraduate Research Exposition

Upcoming presentation of AGR™ CEO's cumulative work “engineering tools for scientific discovery” for the NAE Grand Challenge. (NAE Info, Presentation Live – Only)

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