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handheld spectroscopy applications


We see the invisible®
for sustainable quality control

Learn how AGR's® end-to-end solutions use AI and invisible light to fingerprint materials and catch problems early. Our nano-optics approach may be at the cutting edge, but its core principle of spectroscopy is rooted in proven science. 

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AGR® was founded with the goal of detecting crop afflictions early, before they spread, to facilitate targeted application of fungicides and fertilizers.  Pushing the industry away from "spray-and-pray" strategies saves growers time and money while helping to produce a more valuable and sustainable organic product. 

Supported by the National Science Foundation and world experts at the Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension, AGR’s® handheld AI scanner detected afflictions in grapes up to 400% earlier than the human eye and 400% more accurately than standard cameras using

4 orders of magnitude less data than imaging. 

Most importantly, farmers do not need to change the way they scout for problems with AGR's® solution.  The only difference is they can do it faster and more effectively with instant actionable results, deep canopy sampling and no cross-contamination risk - All problems that have prevented other drone, scanning and weather products from taking root.

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